Monday, January 12, 2015

How to Make $500 Yearly Profit with 12 Hens

A.D. Corbett - How to Make $500 Yearly Profit with 12 Hens (1876)

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Hey, don't ever say you never got any practical information from this blog.  Here's how artificial incubation can make you rich!  Sure the title says $500 but that was 1876 money - that's about $3.4 trillion in today's valuation!

Really this isn't quite that amusing beyond the title.  Corbett was clearly a self-promoter.  The title page announces "45 Diplomas and Medals have been awarded" (all listed in the back), he opens with a few pages of positive press clippings then starts with a discussion of his ingenuity and how he patented a device for the incubation.  Still he seems to have known his business - the entire last half of the book is a mini-textbook on chicken diseases.  Did you know they can get cholera?  Neither did I.  His remedy involves rhubarb, cayenne pepper and laudanum!