Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Cruise of the Noah's Ark

David Cory - The Cruise of the Noah's Ark (1922)

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A children's book where a young girl finds herself on board a toy Ark or maybe one illustrated in a copy book - I didn't quite understand exactly which.  (And I also don't understand why there's a "the" in "the Noah's Ark".)  In any case they have adventures (including a chapter on repairing the Ark - not many kids books today cover home maintenance), visit a circus, ride out a storm and have a picnic.  Despite the promise of "profusely illustrated" there are mainly small spot illos.  The author also did a series about Little Jack Rabbit which are probably about as bland as we'd expect but another about Puss Junior (as in Puss in Boots) where he meets Robinson Crusoe and the Man in the Moon which could be more promising (but probably aren't).  Those don't appear to be online.