Thursday, April 2, 2015

Matrimonial Primer

V.B. Ames - Matrimonial Primer (1905)

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Another little sample of outdated humor, this time for couples about to be married.  Much of it is actually genuine advice even if mildly comic and is addressed to both man and woman.

A few excerpts:

If the soul of the woman did not appeal to you, regardless of its covering of clothes or flesh, you deserve disappointment, and will doubtless get it.

Even matrimony does not preclude individual brushes and towels, and, occasionally, opinions.

If you want everything as your mother used to make it, you will, of course, be willing to imitate her father in the size of your vest, checks, etc.

Don't marry a man thinking you can smooth him down or rub him up to your ideal.  If he does not appear ideal to your blind love, better leave him to some one more blind.