Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nuggets from King Solomon's Mine

John Barnes Schmalz  - Nuggets from King Solomon's Mine (1908)

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Did you know that a deck of playing cards contains numerous encoded references to the Great Pyramid?  The number of cards, suits or arrangements; their total face value; their images' symbolism - everything relates to the pyramid's dimensions, area, height, alignment.  Despite a lot of calculations and detailed descriptions the one thing missing is probably the answer to the biggest question - why?  Who would have done this?  How could they have done this?  What possible purpose could it serve?  Well, kooks are never known for thinking things through and the main thing distinguishing this from a long line of other pyramidiocy is the sheer arbitrariness of what it's connecting.  I can find little information about Schmalz other than the titles of some other books (What Are Dice and Their Mystical Symbolism?, A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Great Pyramid's Message to Man).