Monday, May 2, 2016

Paul Verlaine

Stefan Zweig - Paul Verlaine (1913) direct link
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After the last post it seemed worth doing another about Verlaine and surprisingly there are several public domain biographies or works about him available.  This is from Stefan Zweig, currently undergoing a revival himself.  Though Zweig was known for fiction apparently his biographies were strong sellers.  This one is brief - barely 90 pages with big type and wide margins.

Oddly, right before I was going to post this a friend sent a link to Michael Hoffman's vivid attack on Zweig.  It's so excessive that it's more comic than he probably intended and perhaps for that reason not quite convincing.  He also miscounted the number of film adaptations since the IMDB lists almost double his number (including some from Rossellini and Ophuls).  But it sure is entertaining.