Saturday, June 20, 2015

Golden Thoughts from Sir Thomas Browne

Thomas Browne - Golden Thoughts from Sir Thomas Browne (1907)

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From last post's massive complete works of Browne we go to this comparatively tiny collection of select extracts.  For centuries there have been numerous compilations like this for numerous authors that aren't introductions or even highlights to an author but often sentences or brief saying pulled so severely from the work that you often don't get a feel for what the author's work is really like.  But that's not the purpose, instead you're to delight in these little nuggets of wisdom.  In essence they're almost bumper stickers.  Still, I have a weakness for these type of things, almost as if they were collections of aphorisms.

Before leaving Browne it's well worth checking out The Public Domain Review's A Bestiary of Sir Thomas Browne.  It also focuses on Pseudodoxia Epidemica as did my last post (which was written before I saw this) and honestly is more interesting than what I did.