Thursday, July 16, 2015

Documents japonais

Charles Gillot - Documents japonais (n.d. but possibly 1889)

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A grabbag of assorted Japanese images with almost no explanatory text or even any obvious organization.  It ranges from landscapes to fabrics to abstract designs to portraits to sketches of daily life.  This appears to have been something of an art book but I can't find any specific info - the date comes from the Hathi Trust listing but I have no idea how they determined that.  A price of 65 francs wasn't cheap at any period (as best I can tell anyway) and this is about magazine sized.  Too bad many of the images are faded.

Gillot was a collector and editor.  He directed the journal Le Japon artistique which lasted from 1888 to 1891.  His collection of Japanese art was admired by Edmond de Goncourt - part of it went to the Louvre.  He's buried in Montparnasse.