Thursday, November 19, 2015

Guide to Medieval Sources

Bodleian History Faculty Library - Guide to Medieval Sources (2015)

Main page (download link toward bottom)

If you need to do any research in primary medieval documents or need reference material to navigate them this free text might help.  It covers physical and digital resources ranging from compilations to dictionaries and though many are linked to Oxford portals (it is intended for their use after all) at least it would give you an idea what to look for.  Clavis patristica pseudepigraphorum medii aeui, here I come!  (Nah, not really - I don't have enough interest in the Church fathers to get into their pseudographia (unless any of it turns out to be as weird as the Augustan History) though I'm glad something like this exists - and that books published in the 1990s have a Latin title they didn't really need.)