Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Children's Book of Thanksgiving Stories

Asa Don Dickinson (ed) - The Children's Book of Thanksgiving Stories (1915)

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Just what the title says - stories for kids.  I haven't read it but that turkey image below has him remaking on his own wishbone - in the actual story he's a ghost who takes the child to a valley where wishbones stick out of the ground "like little croquet hoops" and other turkey ghosts place him in judgement.  Perhaps the next book was How to Get Your Child to Sleep After Hearing Frightening Thanksgiving Stories.

Dickinson (1876-1960) was an American librarian who studied at Columbia and worked at various places until invited to Punjab University in Lahore.  There he organized and expanded its library, a task he documented in Punjab Library Primer (1916).  He wrote other anthologies on Christmas and patriotism as well as guides to reading, a work on Tarkington and a study of the Kaiser.