Monday, December 7, 2015

Notae Latinae

W. M. Lindsay  - Notae Latinae: An Account of Abbreviation in Latin MSS. of the Early Minuscule Period, c. 700-850 (1915)

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I have a weakness, really more admiration, for quasi-antiquarian scholarship and a collection of Latin abbreviations from the early Middle Ages is just that type of thing.  It's not that I have any actual use for this - even if I could read Latin I wouldn't be spending time with manuscripts from this period.  But the sheer amount of information the author displays is impressive and even surprising - bet you didn't know that the source country of a manuscript can frequently be identified by which abbreviations are used?

Wallace Martin Lindsay (1858-1937) was a Scottish classicist who taught at Oxford. He edited editions of Plautus, Martial, Terrence and others in addition to a large number of other works.  (Tip: Ancient Lore in Medieval Latin Glossaries isn't as interesting as it sounds.)