Tuesday, December 15, 2015

University Life in Ancient Athens

W.W. Capes - University Life in Ancient Athens (1877)

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Just a wild guess that such university life didn't look anything like Raphael imagined it.  This short book based on lectures draws together what was known at that time then fills it out with some comparisons to modern college life (even though the author admits the two don't really have much in common - even if descriptions of faculty in-fighting aren't unfamiliar).

William Wolfe Capes (1834-1914) was a cleric, Oxford fellow and classicist.  His other works are on Livy, second-century Rome, stoicism, the late medieval English church and some edited primary documents.  One of his students was Walter Pater though in 1873 he preached a "sermon against Paterian ethics". (Kate Hext Walter Pater, p23n13)  According to one source he walked all the way from Oxford to Rome (shades of Hillaire Belloc) and his image was used for St. Barnabas in a Bramshott church's stained glass window.  (Martin Daunton The Organisation of Knowledge in Victorian Britain, p374)  Capes' nephew was the Theosophist Charles Leadbeater.