Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Shropshire Word-Book

Georgina F. Jackson - Shropshire Word-Book (1879)

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Following the posts of dictionaries with a few related items.  This one is an example of the many regional dictionaries and glossaries that seemed to fascinate the British.  Or maybe the idea that this was primarily a British activity is just a sampling error but in any case there are a surprising number of these works.

Some examples from this book:

cratcher - a hearty eater

fallal - nonsense; jocoseness; exaggerated civility

gee-ho-plough - a plough drawn by two horses abreast

goster - swagger; vapouring talk; empty compliment

opple-gob - a dumpling made by enclosing an apple in a lump of dough, and boiling it

swilker - to splash about; to dash over, as of any liquid carried in an open vessel

Plus lots of terms related to cattle, mining, cooking, assorted plants and so on.

Georgina F. Jackson is better remembered today for Shropshire Folk-Lore (1883), with Charlotte Sophia Burne.  There are almost no biographic information available except that she seems to have died shortly before the folk lore book was published.  (See E. David Gregory's Victorian Songhunters, p379 forward.)