Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Vocabulary of Criminal Slang

Louis E. Jackson - A Vocabulary of Criminal Slang (1915)

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Though the introduction says the intention is to fight crime (well actually "the destruction of cankerous moral growths") a century later this reads more like third-rate hard-boiled fiction.


Tin Ear - "To eavesdrop: to listen impertinently. Example: 'Chop the wheeze, we've got a tin-ear on our hip.'"
Artillery - "Firearms of any description. See Rod, Roscoe, Smokewagon."
Tumble - "A discovery. Example: 'It's a bad idea to work without fall dough, for it's a ten-to-one jig on the first tumble.'"
Paper Hanger - "Current principally amongst forgers and utterers of false paper. Example: 'There's a bunch of paper hangers plastering the town from A to Izzard.'"