Saturday, November 22, 2014

Radio Alphabet

CBS - Radio Alphabet (1946)

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Brief glossary of radio and some TV terms that's notable for nice illustrations.  Don't miss the sign language guide in the back.

Some samples:

Crawk - An animal imitator.
Fairy Godmother - An unimaginative musical director.
Groan Box - An accordion.
Hillbilly - A quasi-musical interpreter of regional folk-lore.
Hog Calling Contest - A strenuous commercial audition for announcers possessed of pear-shaped tones of voice.
Laugh It Up - An order to the cast to laugh at their own lines.
Madame La Zonga - A performer who dances nervously in front of a microphone.
Pancake Turner - A technician who controls the playing of double faced records.
Quonking - Disturbing side chatter by persons not on the program. It sounds like that.
Town Crier - A vocalist who sings too loudly.