Saturday, January 16, 2016

Les animaux s'amusent

Benjamin Rabier - Les animaux s'amusent (1900)

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Another early book of children's cartoons, this time from France and included partly because the animals amuse themselves by basically taunting and even torturing other animals, sometimes in peculiar methods.  (One of the author's other books is Les petites misères de la vie des animaux.)  I've posted only the more innocuous images below and though the others aren't in Itchy and Scratchy territory (except maybe the one involving a severed goose head) they just seem odd.

Rabier (1864-1939) started as a bookkeeper before soon moving to illustration.  He's most famous for Gédéon the duck and for one other creation - Tintin Lutin.  Depending on which biography you consult Hergé either named his character after this one or came up with the name then remembered Rabier's.  There's no doubt that Hergé was greatly influenced or at least inspired by Rabier, especially the latter's illustrations for La Fontaine's fables.