Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Supplement to Blue Mountain College Catalogue

Supplement to Blue Mountain College Catalogue (1913)

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Here's where you can get a glimpse at a college in the 1911 school year.  Blue Mountain College is a liberal arts school in the northeastern corner of Mississippi - it was a women's college until 2005 and is supported by the Mississippi Baptist Convention.

What's interesting is the classes.  These include an awful lot of poetry going as far as Milton's minor poems and Anglo-Saxon (and including "Negro Dialect Studies"), the novel is mostly Victorian England, there's Latin, French, German and Spanish (though the modern languages are optional), there are about three years of hard sciences, and only basic math (no calculus).  The history is paltry compared to poetry but one segment is on "The Great Events Clustering around 1870".  The optional classes include a variety of music and, uh, dressmaking.  ("Every woman ought to know how to cut, fit and make a dress perfectly.")