Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Danger of Premature Interment

Joseph Taylor - The Danger of Premature Interment (1816)

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Not sure why the 19th century was so concerned about being buried alive.  Was it something people were always afraid of but didn't talk about until then?  Or is there some kind of pop sociology reason related to advancing medical science?  In any case these stories "selected from historical records" recount people "entombed alive" from England, France, Sweden and so forth along with a small rant about graveyards.  If that wasn't enough the latter part of the book talks about ever-burning lamps (not sure why) and funerary practices of the "ancients" (though obviously this isn't up to Thomas Browne level).  If the links are right (and the dates do match) this author also wrote The General Character of the Dog, The Complete Weather Guide, Anecdotes of Remarkable Insects and The Wonders of Trees, Plants, and Shrubs, Recorded on Anecdotes.